Friedrich Hölderlin Poems


Hölderlin Tower on the Neckar River in Tübingen - Photo: Jan Hamlet.

The poems are listed in the order they appear on this site. The longer ones are divided into separate webpages to reduce scrolling and facilitate selection. Only “Bread and Wine" and “Homecoming“ are numbered as in Beissner‘s edition.

Bread and Wine

    Brod und Wein

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To the Fates

    An die Parzen

As on a Holiday

    Wie wenn am Feiertage

To the Sun God

    Dem Sonnengott

Hyperion's Song of Destiny

    Hyperions Schicksalslied

When I Was a Boy

    Da ich ein Knabe war

Human Applause


Once Gods Walked

    Götter wandelten einst

The Course of Life


Half of Life

    Hälfte des Lebens



    1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.                   

Celebration of Peace




The Neckar

    Die Neckar

Tübingen Castle

    Burg Tübingen

The Journey

    Die Wanderung

The Rhein

    Der Rhein

The Ister

    Die Ister





About the Dolphin

    Vom Dolphin

Out for a Walk

    Der Spaziergang

Looking Out


The Cheerful Life

    Das fröhliche Leben

In Lovely Blueness

    In lieblicher Bläue

To Zimmer

    An Zimmer

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