Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin




Dear friends are there to welcome me.
O voice of the city, voice of my mother!
You touch, you awaken what I learned long ago.
But it's really them: sun and joy still shine for you,
My dear ones, almost brighter than ever in your eyes.
Yes, it's still the same. It thrives and ripens,
For nothing that lives and loves relinquishes allegiance.
Best of all, this treasure, which rests under the arc
Of holy peace, is intended for young and old alike.
I speak foolishly. It is pure joy. But tomorrow
And after, when we go out and view the living field,
Under blossoming trees on the Spring holidays,
I'll speak and share my hopes with you, dear friends.
I've heard much about our great Father and have
Long remained silent about him.  Above in the heights
He quickens the passing time and reigns above mountains.
He'll soon bestow heavenly gifts and call for brighter song
And send many good spirits. Don't hesitate, come now,
You sustaining ones, angels of the year!


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