Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin




Peaks of silver shine silently above,
And the sparkling snow is full of roses.
Still higher above the light lives the god, pure
And holy, pleased with the divine play of light beams.
He lives there quietly and alone: his face is bright.
At home in the ether he seems ready to grant life
And create joy for us. Gradually and sparingly,
Remembering the necessity for moderation and the needs
Of the living, he sends true happiness to the cities
And homes, and mild rains to open the earth, and
He sends to you nurturing clouds, soft breezes and gentle
Seasons of spring. With a sure hand the god cheers
Those who are saddened, when he renews the seasons,
The creative one, touching and refreshing the quiet hearts
Of the elderly. He acts down into the deep:
Revealing and enlightening, just as he pleases.
And now life begins again, and grace flourishes
As it did before, and the Spirit is present
And approaches, and a joyful disposition swells the wings.


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